About College Scholarship

India is a place where knowledge and culture have started .India is the densest of population over the globe. And we
Indian have always proof ourselves regarding our talent. But still many students unable to get their studied completed.
It’s always seen that the growth of a country always depends on the new educated generation.

Even the government is trying its best for the education of the children, but due to lack of money, many students unable
to complete their study. The idea to build this company is to provide the best education to the talented student by funding
for our organization.

AISEE scholarship has stared in 2013 in Sothern part of India to improve the quality of study of the student by helping them
in their educational environment. Now AISEE is announced to spread the scholarship for the different part of India.
The main aim of the organization is to Motivating the talent of the India .AISEE will conduct the online exam/offline exam
for the student in the different part of India.

AISEE aim to provide maximum talented student of Engineering aspirated or medical aspirated student gets enroll in the
medical scholarship exam or an engineering scholarship exam. All those families have their financial problem in their
family and can’t able to afford such a big amount for the higher education, through this exam, they can able to get their
wards enroll in the exam and can get a better future for their family. Soon AISEE will provide scholarship for students
having less income in their family.

AISEE will inform about scholarship online forms available to the student in AISEE portal. AISEE portal is specially designed
for the student to keep them update about the examination, college forums, medical and engineering update, Take fest
information, technical seminars, general examinations, results update. It’s a complete portal for the student from their
schooling up to their higher studies.

The Idea to build this portal to provide the quality information to the student at single place so that they have to search
at many places for their updated requirements. Also a technical and maintained team is being setup for the student
guidance. Our Aim is to “provide high quality education with information”. Soon AISEE will provide scholarship for
engineering college student and scholarship for medical college student.